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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 8th to May 14th, 2017

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates - May 8th to May 14th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon week ahead! But what is different and special about this week? It's the week of “urge to Service” where you feel the inner stirrings to start or expand upon the Soul mandate of spiritual service you express for assisting in the shift of mankind's consciousness!

Some of you may be familiar with the WESAK festival week and the celebration of the Buddha; Christ Consciousness Office of Service and the impressing upon mankind with subtle Energy particles of Light that will stir an increase in morals, values and ethics; increase the opening of the heart chakra centre and help the human race overcome the tendency to succumb to personal desire alone. about a shift!

The full moon is May 10th and you may wish to reflect upon your own practice of personal meditation, purification, the ebb and flow of Love in your own life and of course, your own Service and devotional aspects of your heart!

okay… the emotional reality check….There are some frustrations and tempers being triggered during the pre-full moon energy and will likely not let up quickly this week. Watch your triggers and see what they are teaching you!

Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors around you as your environment and interaction with people trigger you in order for you to embrace change. Take that bold step to embrace the changes presented; opportunities happening and watch how the Bull (Taurus ) influence is pushing you on through with Grace and Dignity. If you hold alignment with the Energy of Taurus the Bull, you will not be knocking things over on your path to success!

Let's use our inner reflection, connect within and calm the waters (emotions) so that our Creativity may pour forth! The CREATOR in you is eager to come out and work with the materials that your hands can touch, feel, take apart and put back together! This is the type of week where “touching” the materials you are wishing to work with is all part of the wonderful experience of being a human! Mother Earth WANTS you to touch the materials She offers you! Enjoy the Earth…Nature is speaking!

Great week ahead everyone…step out into it and be creative! See what YOU add to the Glory of mankind and the true nature of Creator's expression! All that is right there inside of you!

In Light and in Peace,


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