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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – April 24th to April 30th, 2017

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates - April 24th to April 30th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Good News! We have a New Moon this Wednesday morning and I am sure that everyone is welcoming that! The last several..(many?) weeks have been so up and down and boomeranging between the Aries/Libra incentives and sparks..that you were finding it challenging to know just “where to begin!”

The Aries energy has not quite dissipated that strong-MIND, Creative impulse from your Soul is still trying to get through to you..the problem has been how you “read” that and how you navigate and integrate it. Oftentimes when that much power is coming only gets confusing thus the Libra influence was reminding you to balance things and not get overwhelmed. now what? Well..continuing with the power coming will have better “ground” now due to our Blessed and Beloved Taurus Earth energy that will remind you to keep it simple. One pair of shoes instead of 10. You can only wear one at a time..meaning your foundation and focus on the framework and security of your ground underfoot is Key to this timeline. Connect with your home, your business, your monies, your garden, your family, your clothes, your material items that remind you that..yes…there is actually something solid underfoot. Then what you do is hold that into alignment with your breathing and Spring nutrition, diet, exercise and Nature…while you are also spending time in blissful peace each day reflecting and meditating. You will be pleased that SIMPLE IS BEST!

Keep up your organization because you are still sorting through many things in your life while you simplify..and remember that it takes time to create your Soul Masterpieces. Planting your seeds now of creativity will bear fruit at different intervals throughout the 2017 year..not everything blooms at once. How sad that would be? ߙ It¢s marvellous to have surprises at different times of the year looking ahead!

Allow your thoughts to turn to whatever form that takes for you. Love is THE binding Principle of Creation and you will need to give yourself permission to partake of this profound alignment in your life. Love comes to you in many forms so keep your eyes open to those treasures that give you a Blessed “energy wash and flow” causing your inner radiance to beam forth! Remember..simple!! From a sunrise to a walk holding someone's hand that you love. All can give you such joy!

This week summary…the New Moon is coming in “Like a BULL in a China Shop”…that's Taurus !! Radiant..Beaming..Loving and sure to make you smile. A good week folks..let's embrace it for what it is !

In Light and in Peace,


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