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Summer Solstice – Frequency rituals 2017

Summer Solstice - Frequency rituals 2017

Ever since time spilt itself into light and space, beings of wisdom have followed the light and its intentions upon life.

These portals of time are alive and can be accessed in our modern days.

The Summer Solstice is a calling for everyone with the listening ear to return to the inner place of grace where we are grateful for all that is in light.

Summer Solstice is the most auspicious time to recognise how far along our journey we have travelled. The recognition of our achievements equals awareness over that which is and that which is not in our lives at this time. We are to give thanks for everything. Only by finding true gratitude we become aware that we are truly and always have been in purpose and in a state of bliss.
As we experience more we are learning to generate and reach higher and higher states of appreciation, care, love and gratitude.

The journey of our spirit ultimately leads to a vastly expanded array of experience which implicitly is the true meaning of compassion. Having a similar passion for that which we have already lived seeing and addressing it from an experiential point of understanding.
The ultimate awareness

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