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Let Go and Be Free

Let Go and Be Free

We all have heard that to let go and be free.

Sometimes we let go when we are tired of holding on and we realize that holding on only is creating more suffering.

Letting go does not mean giving up hope. It means acknowledging our current pain and suffering does not help our situation and the situation is beyond our control.

Letting go sometimes means accepting the “worst case” scenario and doing our best effort based on what we can change. This does not mean to think of worst case. This means we let go of worry and fear of the worst case happening constantly and focusing what we actually can do (being present).

Before we let go, sometimes we may feel that something within us is dying. After all we do not like to let go of a person we love or an ideal we have desired for so long.

As we let go, all of sudden peace and ease overcome us. All the burdens, all the stress, all the controls and all the responsibilities of holding on to something that we have a minimum control is released. With letting go we are no longer hostage to our worst case fears.

Copyright @ 2017 by Shervin Hojat

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Soulmate – Forevermate

Soulmate - Forevermate

I saw you today. Your energy is familiar. I loved you then, and I love you now. Come home to me. I am waiting patiently. [img][/img]

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Surrender + Sacrifice + Detach = Freedom

Surrender + Sacrifice + Detach = Freedom


For today, instead of reading tarot and angel cards, I meditated. I listened to the voice of the Angels through my intuition. Here's what popped into my mind: Surrender + Sacrifice + Detach = Freedom. At first, I was confused. I meditated more to figure out what the Universe was trying to tell us. Then, I had a light bulb moment. Surrender, in spirituality is the point at which the energy of change surrounds us. We are faced with decisions. We can either ignore or resist the energy and cling to our current situation,our safety net; or we can accept and embrace the energy and trust in the Universe to guide us through the uncertainty, of change. In doing so, we must do the work to detach from the old way of doing, being, and living. That sacrifice is a liberating experience as we become free of worry, despair, and the negativity around us. We become open to receive blessings of prosperity, bliss, and happiness. So, which choice will you make today? Whichever it is, do know that the Angels are always guiding you towards the truth.

Love and Light,


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USB Type C 3.0 Cable(6.6FT),JSAUX USB C to USB 3.0 Strongest Fast charger Nylon Braided Cord for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S8 S8+ Google Pixel XL Moto Z/Z2 LG G6 V20 Nintendo Switch and More(Grey 2 Pack)

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USB Type C 3.0 Cable(6.6FT),JSAUX USB C to USB 3.0 Strongest Fast charger Nylon Braided Cord for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S8 S8+ Google Pixel XL Moto Z/Z2 LG G6 V20 Nintendo Switch and More(Grey 2 Pack)

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Akashic Records – Wave Of Promised Change Continues

Akashic Records – Wave Of Promised Change Continues

by Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP, Guest Writer, Here we are really in THE big changes as the Akashic Record Wave of Promised Change article I’d submitted this last September of 2016 spoke of. This is a follow up to that about what changes are seen coming for humans, their bodies and their consciousness in […]

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Create The Ease Your Inner Child Needs

Create The Ease Your Inner Child Needs

Does the world seem like a big turmoil that doesn’t ever stop? Not to mention, it seems to intrude into your life? Or is it the other way around…people experienced turmoil in their life growing up and carry it around wherever they go?

Part of your life may look like it is in a regular state of “This isn’t what I wanted.”

[b]There is, however, an antidote for this churning turmoil.[/b]

There is a younger version of you within that is in a state of reaction in your doings in life. And this younger you, (the inner child) took on a set of beliefs and coping strategies to feel safe in a seemingly unsafe environment.

The challenges and opportunities are that the wounded child within is still alive and kicking deep in your unconscious mind.
You created wonderful and important ways to cope with situations that were difficult then, and now you react to your life and circumstances as you did then when you needed to feel safe.

AND these upset inner parts of you are also the source of the challenges you face in your life now; those beliefs that drive your feelings and you have been praying to change.

I want you to know there is a simple process to start allowing the unconscious hurt part of you to find ease, to find peace and happiness.

[b]With ease you can create transformation of your circumstances.[/b]

It starts with you allowing yourself to remember how you needed to protect yourself and the beliefs you hold onto. You can shift those beliefs and empower yourself to respond in a different way.

Right now, what would it be like if you embodied the essence of a strong, capable, adult figure…such as a guardian angel or fairy godmother?

Sense the strength and confidence…even if you need to pretend that it is there, just for a few moments.

Sense yourself being a strong empowered energy force that can accomplish your desires.

Then bring that embodied energy of angel strength and power to your wounded self inside who is reacting to life.

[b]NOTICE:[/b] You will know you are reacting versus acting because you are feeling upset, blamed, shamed, judged or judgmental, anger, victimized, betrayed, etc.

It is the hurt child who is feeling this way… and wreaking havoc in your emotions and mind (and circumstances).

Show up now for this hurt child as a powerful “adult” protector figure… and support and nurture your hurt child.

Share with your hurt child all the times you have been in similar situations and reassure your hurt child it has all worked out.

And reassure your hurt child that you are doing what’s needed to move in new directions (it could be simple things such as reading this article and practicing the shifts you need to make).

Allow your hurt child to feel a new sense of possibility with the fact that you, as the adult, are empowered…that your inner child has the support she or he didn’t have growing up.
Your hurt child might need a hug or additional support from you, when you least expect it. No worries, simply give it.

Then, from this place, ask your hurt child to show you what it might feel like if your inner child discovered ease, comfort and safety.

[b]Have your inner child show you what it all might be like.[/b]

Feel what your inner child is showing you; take on this ease as if it is flowing through you… take a few minutes before embarking on your day, a task or project to check-in with your inner child. If your inner child needs reassurance go ahead and give it.

Show your inner child the infrastructure of roads, safety belts, air travel, and how there is order and support in these aspects of life and living.

Reassure your inner child about those who show up in support for him or her. Show your inner child this article for example), show him or her the workshops, books and information that are constantly presented to you to support, honor and heal.

Show him or her the moments of support you’ve received in the past… some of them almost miraculous.

Then allow a merging of their ease, with your examples of support, to create a new foundation for both of you to stand upon.

Notice this new place. It may seem like the eye of the storm… which is a perfect perspective.

The outside turmoil is now in a new place; you are in the middle… it’s no longer a threat.

And as you look at the “turmoil,” from afar you may notice that it is not really as big or threatening as it seemed.

When that feels true… Rehearse different circumstances to create a new outcome.

Perhaps you can dip into what was previously the storm of turmoil and maybe it is now just a storm that passes quickly.

Or you now know that it is a season of transformation…like winter turns into spring.

You can move in ease, comfort and safety.

Your hurt child is, by this time, feeling safe (or safer)… and seeing that there are empowered answers…and your inner child is being supported… you are empowered to handle many circumstances.

NOW your inner child can be a creative source of what shows up when ease is the foundation.

You will be amazed at the new support and new manifestations that are created from a place of empowerment with ease.
As time progresses you will notice your inner child needs less and less reassurance.

[b]Here’s the best part:[/b]

The turmoil in the world is still whirling around, however, you can see it as something far different; it’s simply life showing up to help you heal and transform these old beliefs, which the hurt child was still living with.

The truth of your old experiences will fade into the background. The new empowered you will move forward with strength, courage, trust and faith.

[b]Here's to your movement into ease. Enjoy.[/b]

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Podcast: Hollywood PR – Be a Public Relations Agent for Your Business

In this engaging episode, publicity expert Shannah Carol discusses how YOU can be your own Hollywood-style PR agent. Red Carpet expert Shannah Carol will share secrets on simple ways you can promote your home-based business with Public Relations:

  • How to make you and your business newsworthy & interesting
  • Essentials of a simple PR Plan for a home business
  • Using Public Relations to build your personal brand
  • Essentials of an engaging Press Release
  • Reaching the right media outlets for your business
  • Cutting through all the clutter to make yourself heard
  • Getting customers to talk about your product or service
  • Conducting Radio & TV interviews
  • Should you use an outside PR Agent
  • Using Social Media to leverage your PR

With the rise of the Internet and social media, PR is no longer a playground reserved for the wealthy or large corporate business owners. Put PR to work building your personal brand and your home-based business – with Hollywood style PR!

Episode Sponsor:  Deborah Kay, Global Venture Services,

Interview Guest:

PR Expert Shannah Carol








Podcast: Hollywood PR – Be a Public Relations Agent for Your Business
Snoop Dogg with Shannah Carol







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The Messages Of Feathers

The Messages Of Feathers

by Jessica Klassen, Guest writer, For our ancestors, feathers were a symbol of Divine connection. As birds are able to fly high into the heavens, collecting feathers and wearing them in your hair or on your clothing, or using them in sacred ceremonies, were all practices that brought one closer to the gods. It […]

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Message From The Lion’s Gate: Time To Lead With Feeling

Message From The Lion’s Gate: Time To Lead With Feeling

by Gabriel Heartman, Guest writer, The last few nights have been super intense emotionally for me.  I have had waves of doubt, self-punishment, and anxiety arise in my field that began to overwhelm me.  Hard to fall asleep with the intense energies and I needed to connect with the Divine energy to move through […]

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SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB Solid State Drive (SDSSDA-120G-G26) [Newest Version]

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SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB Solid State Drive (SDSSDA-120G-G26) [Newest Version]

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