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LG Electronics ADQ56656401 Dryer Lint Filter Assembly

LG ADQ56656401 Dryer Lint Filter Assembly. Part Note: Due to a design change, this part also requires part numbers MEA49050001 (Filter Guide) and MCK66787901 (Filter Cover). For use with the following LG Electronics models: DLG2702V, DLEX3001W, DLGX3002R, DLEX3001P, DLEX2801W, DLE2601W, DLGX3876V, RN1319VS, RV1321AS, RV1319VS, DLG2602R, DLG2602W, RN1319E, RV1310A, RV1310B, 48231010009, 48231010030, DLE2601R, DLE2701V, RV1319E, RN1308AS, DLEX3875V, DLEX3875W, RN1308BS, RN1321VS, RN1308CS, DLGX3876V, RV1308AS, RV1308BS, RV1321VS, RV1308CS, RN1310AS, RN1310BS, RN1310DS, RV1310AS, DLEX2801L, DLEX2801R, RV1310BS, DLEX3001R, DLEX2901V, DLGX2802L, DLGX3002P, RV1310DS, DLGX2902V, DLGX3002W, RN1310A, RN1310B, DLGX2802W, DLEX3360W. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part.

Product Features

  • Replacement Lint Filter
  • Compatible With Select Dryers
  • Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part

LG Electronics ADQ56656401 Dryer Lint Filter Assembly

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Anonymous says:

I bought this for my parent’s lint filter for their 3-year Kenmore Connect dryer. I was worried it wouldn’t fit and took a chance on ordering it because it has the same shape as the Kenmore filter. I received the filter today and initially, it did not fit all the way down. I noticed there was a lot of lint stuck inside, so I removed it with whatever tool I had at the moment, which was a long stick back scratcher. I was able to remove the lint and to my surprise, the LG filter fit exactly in the…

NoCalGal says:

Don’t buy this part, just clean out the area around the lint screen! Don’t buy this part, just clean out the area around the lint screen. First off, I LOVE my LG washer and dryer. I did however have the same issues as others where the lint trap no longer fit flush in the compartment and I had clothes getting caught and damaged. I thought the screen itself had become warped after being in the dryer so I was going to attempt to buy another one. After reading some great reviews here (Thanks all!) i grabbed a velvet hanger (thinking it will grab lint), removed the…

Amazon Customer says:

Fix the pop up problem with the filter IMPORTANT READ!!!!I had the same problem as many of you with the filter protruding and catching on clothes, ruining them. I went through 2 of these filters because the end would chip off. The filter itself never would sit in the space properly, it always stuck up. Well, I FOUND THE SOLUTION. Don’t laugh, but I bought one of the “lint lizard” things and used it, and there was lint underneath where the filter sits, causing it to not seat and protrude. As soon as I removed that…

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